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Techfile: 12 Wrong English Sentences And Phrases - education
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12 Wrong English Sentences And Phrases

Author: admin | Posted In: education On 2017 | Views: 836 | Comment(s): 0
Hello everyone, today we will discuss some wrong English sentence/phrases that is prevalent among students. Most especially, in Nigeria. I advise you read painstakingly and study the sentences, as they will help you improve your grammatical structure. Now, let"s get going.
1. BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHERS. Note that the proverb " birds of a feather" is never "birds of the same feathers". The correct form of this is; "Birds of a feather" Not "Birds of the same feathers"
2. POSSIBLE BEST or BEST POSSIBLE Avoid the use of "BEST POSSIBLE" or "POSSIBLE BEST". Simply say "BEST". For example, " I will try my best"
3. SO AND THEREFORE Note that, it is wrong to use "SO" and "THEREFORE" together or "STILL" and "YET" together. You must only use one. For example: - I know him, So therefore... (wrong) - I know him, so... Or I know him, therefore.... (Correct)
4. PRESENTLY AND AT PRESENT Note that the word " PRESENTLY" means "very soon". It does not mean "AT THE MOMENT". So, if you mean to say "Now", say "AT PRESENT" or " AT THE MOMENT". "I will see you presently", means I will "see you very soon"
5. " I was introduced to the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of company" " I was introduced to the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the company" I know many many will not be able to tell, which is right or wrong. Nevertheless, since the Chairman is not the same as the Vice Chairman, it is necessary you repeat the definite article (the).
6. "If I were wrong, I"d be the first to admit it." " If I was wrong, I"d be the first to admit it." Well, in this case, the first sentence is correct. This is because subjunctive mood requires "WERE", when the conjunction "IF" introduced a supposition.
7. "Nothing shall ever come between you and i," he told her." "Nothing shall ever come between you and me," he told her." The correct sentence here is, "Nothing shall ever come between you and me," he told her." Because, the preposition "between", is always followed by the objective form of the pronoun.
8. "Can you imagine him forgetting a date like that? "Can you imagine his forgetting a date like that? The correct form here is the second sentence. Be the possessive case ( his) should be used for a pronoun followed by a gerund
9. It is worthy to Note that the response "HOW DO YOU DO" is not a question requiring a further answer by the one introducing himself or herself. However, in greetings, if. Mr A ask, "how do you do" Mr B will respond with "how do you do, too"
10. TO BATH / BATHE To BATH, means "to wash the whole body" whereas "BATHE" means "to wash a path of the body, especially one which is in pain. E.g " The doctor ordered that he BATHE his sprained fingers in tepid water"

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