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Techfile: Important Tips That Will Help You Pass The 2018 Jamb Examination Successfully - education
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Important Tips That Will Help You Pass The 2018 Jamb Examination Successfully

Author: admin | Posted In: education On 2017 | Views: 831 | Comment(s): 0
Securing an outstanding result in JAMB examination is not an easy task, as one has to do more than just Reading books. Students have often assume the exam to be a gamble, that anybody can win. This is due to the fact that the exam is of objective questions and is also filled with so many convoluted and complicated questions too. Nevertheless, all these can be defeated, if you really know the right tips for an outstanding result. And here we go >> OBLITERATE YOUR FEAR: Fear is always prevalent among the novice students, who do not know anything about the examination or perhaps, have not written the examination before. If you really want to make a good JAMB result, then you must do away with your fears first. This is because fear can make you feel very tensed in the examination hall, thus making it unable for you to understand questions. This is the main reason why you must do everything possible to obliterate your fear before writing the JAMB examination. >> LEARN TO READ FAST : Apparently, most students are not able to read very fast, or at worst, can"t even understand what they read. But unfortunately, this is prerequisite to everyone who wants to make an outstanding JAMB result. JAMB is a Computer Based Test(CBT), which has already been programmed to stop at a particular time. And when this time is elapsed, the computer goes off(whether you are done with your question or not. ). This is why you must start learning to read and understand as fast as you can. >> STUDY PAST QUESTIONS : This is one of the most essential preparatory tool for success. Even students who had written the examination before can attest of this. JAMB do not often ask any new question. All they do, is to pick questions from the previously asked questions and putting it up again. This is why we ( ), will always advise you to read your past questions assiduously, because any student who does this, is already far away from failure. >> TIME MANAGEMENT AND PLANNING: Students who were ignorant of this in the previous year, ended up crying at the end of the exam, because most of them were not even able to finish up their questions and their time were elapsed. I do not pray that any body reading this, should fall victim of this same problem, as it is not a good report. but meanwhile, I will also advise you to take cautions today. Before going into the exam hall make sure you have in mind, your order of subject to answer (the easiest subject first). Plan your success today so, it won"t be much difficult later. The total time given for every student in the previous year, was 1h:20m. So you should calculate, how you would manage your time yourself. >> SPEND MUCH TIME IN TRYING TO UNDERSTAND : Like I said above, JAMB examination questions are very convoluted and complicated, and would demand an intense understanding ability before one can boldly chose an answer. Make sure you really understand the differences between those similar words and meaning in your notebooks. Do not rush to leave the exam hall, but take your time to review your answers to correct errors. That is, if you still have some time left.

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