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Techfile: How to Watch Live Football Match on Android phones - phone
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How to Watch Live Football Match on Android phones

Author: admin | Posted In: phone On 2017 | Views: 535 | Comment(s): 0
Do you know you can watch live football matches on your Android smartphones easily with help of an application called Sybla and Mx player and i will show you how to make it happen step by step guide. First i will tell you that watching live football matches on your Android phone is possible but will cost you some Mb to watch life football though there are other alternative like using simpleserver to stream. You can watch all your favorites football online such as MAN U, CHELSEA, REAL MEDRID, BERCELONA, MAN CITY, ARSENAL ETC directly on your Android smartphone. What you need to Watching live match with Sybla app on Android 1. Sybla, to be able to watch live football matches you must download the application and successfully Install it on your phone 2. MX player . Sybla Needs MX player in other to work and cannot work without each other because they work hand in hand, the best bet is to get the two app installed as we are preparing to watch live football. 3. As i said to watch live football is not hard but the main problem is that it consumes lots of that and might cost you between 100MB-200MB to watch a full match but the solution is to subscribe to BbLited with Simpleserver to reduce the cost. How To Watch a Live Match using Sybla and MX player Now let us assume you have downloaded and installed everything you need to install, the next step is to follow this simple guide to start watching live football on your android phone right way 1. After installing Sybla and MX player all you need to do is to enable your mobile phone data access if you disabled it and first launch Sybla app and wait for it to start but take note that it might spend some time to start but it depends on how fast your data connection is. 2. Once the Sybla have finished loading then swipe to the page on the right and you will see full list of TV stations you can choose from, check and select any of the stations viewing the match you want to watch and then the MX player will automatically start the streaming. Remember the MX playing will also take some time to start playing all you need is to wait patiently while action starts. You can equally watch other channels you wish to watch because Synla has lots of TV stations to choose from and not just football.

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